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Welcome, Thank you for visiting Hearts for Horses SANCTUARY/ Foundation.

Dear friends

I wanted to inform you of my commitment to our horse sanctuary, despite my recent serious accident. I am the sole 100% sponsor, for 15 years and caretaker of these magnificent animals and I need your support to secure the future of our horses.

As the sole 100% sponsor and caregiver of the sanctuary, I have faced numerous challenges in my efforts to provide the horses with the best possible care. Despite these obstacles, I have remained committed to my work, ensuring that the horses receive the love and attention they deserve.

Recently, I suffered a serious accident that has left me with [insert injury/condition]. Despite this setback, I have continued to work tirelessly to maintain the operations of the sanctuary, ensuring that the horses are well taken care of.

Our new mission is to emigrate our horses to France as the costs in the Netherlands have become too high. We have more land for the horses in France and we are excited to offer them a better future.

We need your help to cover the costs of transportation, fence building, and stables. We want to ensure that our horses are safe and comfortable in their new environment.

I ask you to support us by helping to finance and grow our horse sanctuary. Your support would help us ensure the care and protection of the horses and offer them a safe and happy future.

I invite you to support us and be a part of this beautiful mission. Together, we can make a difference for our horses and their future.

Angelique Beauvence

Update 2024: More than 35 horses have now been helped. Most have been given a Forever Home with us.  Also cats and dogs. Old cats were dumped outside at our location in the heart of wintertime. Looking back at the past years, it appeared that there was no sponsorship from the Netherlands. This is part because there was no advertising.

Despite the fact that we gave more horses a shelter than most foundations that were sponsored. Also Stichting Dierenlot, and several umbrella foundations, we had asked for help in difficult times. However, to no avail. We found out that a Foundation also needs great marketing. And often it is necessary to get the pathetic stories out into the world.

I can now tell in retrospect that I managed to do this all on my own. Was it tough? YES! Fortunately, there were still a number of supporters "who believed in my mission.

And also the cost. To give an example. 1 resque horse had intestinal problems. According to the horse clinic nothing could be done. Yet I wanted to do everything about it. This meant bills of more than 4000 euros right away. And this without sponsorship. Then don't think there is appreciation when you spend this money. Many people do not understand that you want to spend money to save an animal.

What you also have to deal with is the difference in veterinarians.

1 vet really did nothing , when the horse was on the ground and writhing in pain around her intestines. (No colic) The vet was afraid she would get a kick. And just ran off, to another assignment she shared. You can wait and see, but you have to call another vet right away. And that vet then shows to be worthy of her profession and does everything possible to help the horse. However, the vet who did nothing just sends the high bill.

If you want to do all this and you have no sponsorship it means that you have to be willing to work more than 100 hours a week. Of which 60 hours are free work . And pay the expenses with the work of the paid hours.

Sometimes foundations announce that they have only? Euro 3500 in donations per month. And that it is not enough. As a founder of the Foundation, I then think. How lucky you are.

I also often see foundations saying. If you don't donate, we are forced to get rid of the animals. So this is what I always wanted to avoid. It cannot be that I want to offer animals a forever home and then, because there are no donations, get rid of them. Or threaten donors with it. I see donors as people who, of their own free will, and with a good heart and good intentions, selflessly want to support a good cause.

I really don't get the point of making donors responsible or threatening them that animals have to go if they don't sponsor. So that made my urge very strong to guard my main goal. And that is, to provide a Forever Home. And that could not happen if I made myself completely dependent on sponsorship. So I had to be able to do it myself

And so everyone lives in their own "truth."

And now anno 2024

The horses and animals have now moved to a new home with lots of land in France. This was accomplished without third-party sponsorship. But this was only possible by giving up much that was old and familiar.

There have been many people in need where eventually myself, as the founder paid all the costs for their animals that were in need. Most of these horses were also given a Forever Home.

It is now slowly time to start closing this chapter.

Looking back on this long period of commitment, there has been little appreciation for my work in NL. Or by fellow foundations, who we had asked for help when there was a real need.

Is this bad? No, because it is too beautiful and too wonderful to look back on these wonderful old horses who have turned 32 and had a Forever Home.

As a founder, am I disappointed that there was no Dutch sponsorship? NO and YES , I understand that a foundation is really no different than running a business. I was and am too emotionally involved with the animals to see it commercially. And didn't get the pathetic stories on social media. Also, don't underestimate what Foundations have to deal with. Not everyone has an animal Foundation's best interests at heart. Some people like to spread bad news about a Foundation. But I have also seen that not every Foundation is fully committed to animals. Oa our experience with Wioecha, the young male cat of less than 2 years who was snatched from life by Dierenasiel Ter Marse from Stadskanaal. (See news section) So also YES because sponsorship would have been in the best hands with me. To have been able to support many animals in an animal friendly way. And of course it is nice when people also show that they support your efforts. Usually I was told, 'oh yes that's your hobby, yes you choose that yourself, you should choose something else'. Or, they can go to slaughter anyway. Or, yes then you look for another home for them. Some do not see animals as equals, they are consumption material. By now more than 20 years not consuming meat and fish or milk. I can say that it is not necessary to consume it.

I can look back on a period of 15 years that I personally have been 100% committed to the animals . And spared no expense. There were many hard times! But the animals didn't notice any of that. On the contrary.

There will soon give an update in what form the Foundation continues.

Enjoy every day and every day is a gift.

Thanks to the dear people who were happy to contribute as a volunteer


Hearts for Horses Sanctuary


We help abandoned, old, and very sensitive horses to give them a forever home.




Horses with a traumatic past need our and your help. It is most important they can have their forever home.

They've been trough so much. They deserve just as we,  their own herd family.

Your support would help us ensure the care and protection of the horses and offer them a safe and happy future.



We can do more.

We can buy food, pay vet bills, do land work, pay housing and everything to keep the horses happy and healthy.


Every single dollar/Euro donated to our Foundation goes directly to caring for the horses


'Wisdom from the horses'


With your support & Help we can make a difference.

When you sign Up you will receive  your monthly free Ebook gift 'Wisdom from the horses'!


Music In THE ARMS OF AN ANGEL performed by ANGE BEAU Angelique Beauvence & Wayne Davis


This is Nungka. Thanks to the Hearts for Horses foundation Nungka could find her forever home. Nungka could stay together with her best friend, Choyotha. She aged 32 and died a natural dead surounded by all the other horses. With your help we can do so much more to help these beautiful animals who show us the meaning of compassion and Love


Hearts For Horses

With your support we can make a difference for these horses in need.

WELCOME, Thank you for visiting Hearts for Horses Foundation.

We believes that every life matters. Horses are not born to serve us. They are born to have a right to live. Unfortunaly there are people that dont take responsability for their animals. Hearts for Horses has given old horses that were abandoned their last Forever home.  It wants to show the happiness when horses can have their Herd Family, and when somebody takes a stand for them. Horses that deserve a for ever home. The ones that can not be re homed easy. Because they went already trough to much suffering.

There is so much work and commitment needed to run a foundation for horses.

You are so much welcome to support the work for the horses and become a Heart for Horse member!




Horses are great healers. They can help very sensitive children and adults to listen with an open heart. When we feel compassion, we can feel love. Horses are very honest in their herd language. Sensitive children can feel their healing energy and almost always it helps them to re connect with themselves.

We love your support

Blessings to all!

www.Hearts for Horses.nl


Want to volunteer!

We have plenty of committees to help with fundraising, events, marketing, community outreach and administrative tasks.  Orientation is required.

Volunteer to work with the horses. Are you a sweet loving kind person with a big heart for horses and animals then 




NEWS 2021: We advise not to feed horses large chunks of the Pavo brand. We have no bad experience with other chunks. Immediately after feeding these large chunks, 2 horses had to be urgently helped by the vet. They barely survived. According to Pavo management, this blockage in the esophagus is caused by greedy food. But this is not our experience. We are going to focus even more on providing knowledge about healthy nutrition, so that a lot of horse suffering can be prevented. Update June 2021  By changing the diet there is a clear improvement for the horse. Get Our Upcoming EBOOK on this.

News: WIOESHA . A black Cat male had been dumped at our location, he was used to roaming. Two more cats were dumped in the bushes near our location, one of which was an old cat. They got a Forever Home with us. We went to the vet with Wioesha. He was being treated for cat flu, and we were able to save his life. He was very affectionate. However, he lost his way because of our move, and he managed to escape. This because of his past that he was used to roaming. We reported him missing to all authorities.

We found him at Dierentehuis ter Marse, through a tip from third parties. To our amazement, shock and sadness they had him put to sleep. According to A Jansen, animal shelter Ter Apel because he had a cat illness. They refuse to send us information about vet statements and prove that they have made enough effort to find the owner.

We advise not to bring any found animal to the Ter Marse Animal Hospital before you have ask about their terms and conditions  regarding found or sick animals.  (A.M.R. Jansen/J. Dijkhuis Zoo Ter Marse Stadskanaal)

A lot has changed for the Hearts for Horses Foundation. Leave your name and email on our form and find out more about all the changes and activities.

2021 juni: Our new  goal is to bring a family herd horses to new land. Were they have lots of space and land to roam.


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